Data recovery from SSD

Odczyt zdegradowanych komórek dysku SSD / Odzyskiwanie danych

SSD - Solid State Drive Odczyt zdegradowanych komórek dysku SSD / Odzyskiwanie danych

In addition to all the advantages of SSD, such as: speed, energy efficiency and no mechanical components and they are prone to failure . The data structure in these devices is much more complicated than in the most advanced RAID arrays.

Due to imperfections in electronic memories chips, algorithms embedded in the firmware manage their behavior "on the fly" and are responsible for: reading, writing, ECC (error correction), block mapping, encryption, etc.
This is why data recovery from SSD is one of the biggest challenges in the Data Recovery industry.

Unlike traditional magnetic drives, SSD usually do not inform the user of problems and data loss is usually unexpected.
Logical failures aside, we find two serious issues that prevent access to the contents on the memory.

These are software and physical damage controller or damage electronic components of the drive.
Software problems most often arise as a result of too many damaged cells in memory modules, which causes the controller to lose access to their contents.
The most common case of this behavior is a drive that is recognized by hardware as SATAFIRM S11 or SandForce {200026BB}.

Simply put, in case of problems with the firmware, you need to access the drive in technology mode to repair its firmware, restore it to proper operation and regain access to data.

Physical damage Uszkodzony kontroler SSD / Odzyskiwanie danych

If the electronics are damaged, the damaged components should be located and replaced. Unfortunately, due to the lack of diagrams and, in virtually every case, due to the lack of component descriptions, you need to get a compatible model and thus obtain the necessary parts.

In extreme situations, when the repair of the original PCB is impossible, we have to transfer all the key components for a given copy to the donor's board.

If the controller is damaged, either it remains to be replaced (first check if the controller allows for replacement and it will not reset the memory by initializing them) or desoldering the NAND and reading them on a dedicated programmer.
Such prepared memory images should be mounted to the appropriate algorithm of a given controller, and its work must be imitated in such a way that the logical structure is properly rebuilt. Only after this procedure can you proceed with data recovery.

Uszkodzony kontroler SSD / Odzyskiwanie danych